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There are men who love sex more than they love God. There are husbands who don’t mind coming back home in between office hours just to receive one round from their spouse. This kind of men have the reasoning that sex is all about love. Such men often resort to cheating if their wife is too busy to help them. If you must marry such man then you must be ready to drive trailers even in the dead night. Your inability to get them satisfied will bring commotion to that marriage.


Such men go on long travels but hardly call their wives till they are back. They actually mean well deep down but calling is not their thing. Such category of men hardly disclose their ills and worries to their partner. This means you have to decipher their worries through their countenance to actually know what their wants are.


Such husbands want a lettered wife not a dull woman who will slow down their fast moving train. Such men become lesson teachers to their kids to nurture them intellectually the way he chooses. He enjoys your company more when you are out to bring ideas to his table. When you are with such men, you will so grow because they are ready to make you learn through any means.


Such men hate women so much. You may be surprise why they marry, they marry because of procreation and continuity sake. This kind of men are affected by wrong MOTHERING, negative background or wrong relationships with morally laden ladies. This later retweets their mind to hate women whom it takes only the Grace of God to reverse.


This kind of man ends up relegating his manly duties to his wife. He takes the glory when it comes but leaves the work for the wife. We call him NWOKE NA ONU. This kind of men sleeps all day long only to wake up when he chooses and goes back to bed for a second dose. Pray not to get married to such men in this category because you will die before your time. Remember, there is a limit to what a woman can carry.


Outwardly, they are so nice but inwardly they are horrible. This men appear to be saints to gain the trust of their spouse. They hardly nag, they love you that you begin to wonder what kind of affection is this, they hardly look out nor talk about other women except you etc. If your wrong deed is perfect in the eyes of your partner, that indicates a disconnection somewhere. Trust me there is someone taking his attention somewhere. Try to find out.


Such men love to be called *My Lord* than HONEY nor DARLING. They remind you often and on that he is the head of this home and at such should be adored. Such men don’t need your respect but your worship. They will have problem with you if you happen to displace their position in their home.


Such kind of men don’t necessarily need the presence of a woman in their lives since they can do all the domestic chores perfectly well. Living with them is interesting because you will get to learn a whole lot from them as regards home management. The problem with such men is PERFECTION. They will have to be with you on and on to make sure you get it very well.


Such men are very boring and unromantic in nature. They get to love you but can hardly display their feelings often. Saying *I love you* is a milestone for them. Kissing his wife in public is like breaking the camel’s back. This men are terribly affected by upbringing and nature but one thing you must do, is teach them what they ought to know by living it out. From there, he will pick up if he is observant enough.


This kind of husbands believe mansions, cars, gold, well stocked wardrobe and fat bank accounts will give a woman emotional satisfaction. They actually mean a lot but love, attention and appreciation will spice it up. These kind of men chase money morning and nigh, provide Heaven and earth for her but are never physically around to render that companionship marriage professes.


Don’t ever pray to come in contact with them because every of your extracurricular activity and social life will be pigeonholed. They make you housewives to check your fidelity status even when your yearning for career growth is high. They try their possible best to know all your brothers, male relatives and male friends. They don’t mind placing CCTV’s on every place you go. In fact, it is awesome staying with them but becomes frustrating as time goes on. Though they say *JEALOUSY IS A PROOF OF LOVE*

In all, appreciate the man in your life and fill in the gap where he is lacking. Lest I forget, if you can’t endure that attitude in relationship certainly, you can’t condone it in marriage so FLEE NOW TO PREVENT UTTERING THE WORD *HAD I KNOWN*….


Enem Chiamaka Becky
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