Elzakzaky Is A Threat To Nigeria For Eating N3.5m Food A Month

You guys should be more worried that Elzakzaky is eating food worth N3.5m per Month as Lai Mohammed has just revealed.

I now understand why Buhari refuse to release him. A man who can eat that much is a threat to a country where 87 million are poor. Gluttony is a crime. Sai Baba.

Most of you will not understand how much Buhari has done for Nigeria until he steps down.

He came into power on the mantra of fighting corruption and enforcing austerity measures.

And keeping a glutton like Elzakzaky behind bar is doing Nigeria so much good!

It is even worse when you realise that he eats that much and finds a way to pretend to the world that he doesn’t eat that much.

N3.5m and e no even show for him body! Food laundering. If I see anyone shouting Free Elzakzaky again.

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