Are You Looking For Top 10 Best Courses To Study In Nigerian, Here Are Their List


We Have Created The List Of Top 10 Best Courses To Study In Nigerian.

In a developing country like Nigerian, the courses you choose in universities matters a lot because a lot of university course still lack value.

Here are top best courses to study in Nigerian.


Medicine remains the number one best course to study in Nigerian. this because there is almost 100% possibility of getting job, it require a high UTME score .


Nursing is also one of the best course to studied in Nigerian because nurses are high demand all over the world not just in Nigerian, It also require a high UTME score.


Pharmacy is also a top course in Nigerian and one of the courses that also require a high UTME Score. It is one of the respected course in the country. It require the best minds.

Medical Laboratory Science

This course goes by different names in different universities, it healthcare professional degree. it deals with bacteriology, dignostic, chemical, cytopathological, immunologic, microscopic analyses on body fluids.


Architecture is one of the top courses studied in Nigerian today. you can work in buiding firm and work privately at the same time.  it is known for designing and construction of building and other structures.

Accounting And Finance

Accounting is one of the best course to study in Nigerian. Accountants are needful in all professional field. they can work in different places and companies such as airports, banks, hotels, supermarkets, and so on.


Law is the top best art courses in Nigerian. law students even have their special black and white dress that make them unique in the campus.

Mass Communication

It is one of the best university course in Nigerian, but not all universities offered this course in Nigerian because they don’t have facilities to train students in the field.


Marketing is among the top best course in Nigerian because a graduate in this course are needed by almost firm, company, organization and so on.


Economics is a top social science course in Nigerian because a graduate in this course can work in almost establishment or firm with a degree in economics. this course is similar to accounting.

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