A Huge Wildfire In Southern California Have Killed Nine People And 35 Missing


Wildfire In California Have Destroyed So Many Homes And Leaving Resident Fleeing

The Wildfire started on Thursday near thousand Oaks, about 40miles (64km) north-west of central Los Angele

Mark Ghilarducci, of the California governor’s office said,

The destruction of the wildfire is unbelievable and heartbreaking, it left some many homes burning .

The camp fire in the north and hill fire in the south are been fan by strong wild.

More Than 250,000 people have live the areas.


On Friday the wildfire Jumped the highway101 and headed into coastal areas. the fire covers an area of about 35,000(14,150 hectares)

The fire now out of control and it have reach Malibu, all people living have evacuated immediately.

Malibu is home to many celebrities and some of them have took the incident to  their social media.

Kim Kardashian urged people in her Instagram page to pray for her family,

She wrote,

I just arrived home and had one hour to pack up and live home immediately. I pray everyone is safe.

According to her husband, rapper Kanye west, said their family is safe.

And Celebrities wrote on their social media about the Wildfire.


Supervisor Doug Teeter Said, ”Rescuers used bulldozer to push abandoned cars out of the way in order to reach a hospital and evacuate patients as  the fire engulfed the building.

There is nothing left standing said Scott Maclean, the state’s forestry and fire protection spokesman.


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