Wizkid And Baby Mama Shola Ogudu: Here’s All The Drama You Probably Missed

For those who couldn’t read the whole post. Let me do a thread of the important things Wizkid’s baby mama, Shola Ogudu said.

Wizkid denied the child at first and requested for a DNA which was 99.9% positive.

Wizkid suspected his son to be gay and asked him to touch his female friends ass and boobs to be sure he wasn’t.

Wizkid warned Shola not to post pictures of Boluwatife online (Obviously because he didn’t want people to see how his son lived). But oga has been busy posting Zion upandan.

Wizkid warned his son never to request about going abroad for holiday.

Wizkid is only interested in sending shoes and toes to Tife (so he can look good on social media I guess).

Wizkid always blocks Shola after their conversations.

Wizkid knows nothing about his son, Boluwatife.

Wizkid has never attended any of Tife’s birthday party.

Wizkid only goes to social media to wish Tife a HBD but doesn’t call.

Wizkid makes it difficult for Tife to speak to him or ask of things from him.

Wizkid’s family always beg Shola to be patient with him

Wizkid’s mum & sister blocked Shola after she got tired of his ‘nonsense’.

Shola had to put Tife in a school she could afford so he doesn’t need to stop school if Wizkid doesn’t come through with the fees.

Wizkid made her turn down a N3 million modelling deal for Tife which she struggled to get for him, only to not come through with the ones he claimed was lined up for he lad.

She can count how many times Wizkid has seen their son.

Let’s continue.

Wizkid told Shola that chatting with him is a privilege.

Wizkid took months before he sent consent letter and passport photograph for Shola to get abroad visas for Tife, which she wanted to do while she was working at the embassy.

Wizkid’s 3rd baby mama and manager, Jada recently contacted Shola sho ‘Zion would have a relationship with his older brother’.

Obviously that was in a bid to spite Binta his 2nd baby mama because she has been calling him out.

Shola has never deprived Wizkid of seeing Tife no matter what.

Tife told his mum after a visit to Wizkid; “My dad said never to mention anything about travelling to him again”.

Shola always gets gifts on behalf of Wizkid for Tife on special occasions so he does feel he didn’t get anything from his dad.

Wizkid told Shola to get a vibrator that she’d never get his dick.

From their chats, Shola always wishes Wizkid well and prays for him whenever he wins.

Wizkid always replies ‘ok’ to a serious lengthy message.

From their chats, Shola always wishes Wizkid well and prays for him whenever he wins.

Wizkid always replies ‘ok’ to a serious lengthy message.

After Jada messaged Shola on their kids having a brother relationship, she told Wizkid to warn her to stop messaging her because she knew they they up to something (Probably to spite Binta).

Shola said she has finally talked to Tife about his dad and all that has been happening, and that she has also blocked him and his family from calling her.

I think these are the main things she posted.

In summary, we all love Wizkid and his music, but two women cannot be wrong at the same time IMO.
He should do better at being a dad to Boluwatife and Ayo, else the future will hit him soon, because the Internet never forgets.

One more thing, for those who don’t know why she narrated the ordeal, she’s angry he referred to her as a “money hungry hoe”.

Some of the chats below

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