Is Wizkid A Deadbeat Dad? Baby Mama Posts Chats (Photos)

Wizkid Baby Momma is at it again.

In case you missed it, Here it is.
It’s a long one. Hope y’all got time to read.

I don’t know what to say but the back and forth between wizkid and her is too much abeg.


ut what did shola hope to achieve by posting her private conversations with Wizkid online?
Public sympathy?
Donations? Smh.
I hope she’s getting it.

Wizkid might not have been the best baby daddy in the world but Shola posting these private conversations is TOTALLY WRONG!!!!!

Growing up as Africans, there were times our dad’s legit couldn’t cover the bills.

Guess what? Our mother’s went out, worked and payed the bills.

Shola is just seeking attention and public sympathy.

She should Get a job, pay bills and stop wailing wizkid this, wizkid that.

She probably thought getting pregnant for wizkid will be her meal ticket lol.

What will make one of the richest artistes in Africa worth billions deny a baby mama meager change lol?

It’s deeper that what u read in the chat but feel free to continue criticizing wizkid for clout.

Lass lass wizkid and her go dey alright.

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