Celebrities At AMVCA 2018 (Fashion Review + Pictures)

Today is #AMVCA2018 (African Magic Viewers Choice Awards 2018) and I am here for the Fashion Review.

Here are pictures of pictures of celebrities at AMVCA 2018 and fashion reviews of their outfits.

1. TV host, Tallulah Doherty in this gown from Nonnistics fashion.

Lovely Gown, Orange looks so “happy” on her. I have a problem with her earrings. I mean color seems off and the fringe on patterned bust? Nah!

2. Actor, Lota chukwu in a Gracie Abby dress.

She looks stunning in red! I love the purse and the strap. They look perfect together. Nice one lota! This is a look!!!!!! 9/10. I mean! I am in love!

3. Songstress,Omawunmi in a Tai.Lore suit.

I love the suit! It gives this Bossy vibe. And the Afro , Rich ! But the clutch tried to take away something. I don’t what it is yet but I think I would have preferred a black purse. Shoes are perfect.. make up… maybe bolder next time.

4. Best Actress 2017 winner, Meg Otanwa in Uju Stella.

Wow! This is something different for Meg. This is how you make an entrance! Her gown is lovely! Earrings .. perfect but I want to believe her hair isn’t as bad as I am seeing it to be. The shoes, nah.. not edgy enough for me.

5. Actress, Uru Eke… in Africana.

The dress is simple and elegant. Perfect Infact but it’s lacking something. Maybe hips sides should have been a little “fitted”. Clutch is off I am sorry. Hair, Nope! Not today!. Makeup by Layefa beauty is totally Gorgeous!

6. Actor, Alex Ekubo in An Uche NNaji Suit.

He looks good! Well tailored suit . Is the red pocket scarf needed? I really want to talk about my love for his shoes, I mean! This is nice. But I may have to choose between the pocket scarf and the tie. which should be thrown out?

7. Actress Lilian Afegbai is gradually becoming known for one thing; style!

I mean take a look at Lilian in this showstopper from Nonnistics fashion. Are we ready!.. thank you ! This is perfect! I can’t even point out one bad thing aside that I would have preferred black earrings.

8. Former BBN Housemate, Kemen.

Wow! This is a whole lot. Ok! I am here for your physique Kemen but the outfit! Nope! I don’t even know where to start from. Is it the girlie jacket or the side beards?. I am totally lost here! Please Someone! Find me!

9. Actor, IK Ogbonna in a Jason Porsche suit!

Come through with Men’s fashion IK! This is So perfect! I love this! Who styled you! This is the best male I have seen so far tonight. From the orange inner to the blue tie! iK! 9/10. Leaving 1 for God please!

10. Actress, Ini Dinma Okoji in Fablane by Derin.

I love her makeup and her Hair. Ini is fashionable but I am sorry, there is nothing spectacular about this dress for me. Maybe she wanted a simple look for a change and if that is the case ,then this is simplicity at its finest.

11. Movie producer, Chinney love Eze in Sue Manuel.

First of all, I love the train like thing happening down there. The upper part of the dress is beautiful. what’s happening around the hips, are the sides designs necessary? Her make up is beautiful and her hair too.

12. Actress, Bridget Chigbuefe.

In the absence of a better picture for now, Let’s use this one. This Dress is a NO! Looks like a bridesmaid dress. Perfect Show of cleavage. 4/10 for effort. But Make up and dress, Really? Maybe the picture isn’t doing justice to anything. No!

13. Tv Host/Actress , Oreka Godis, styled by Zed Eye for the event.

This is something different , this is something Asian!. Welcome back from Asia, Oreka! This is how to make an entrance . But the Hair…I am all for Natural Hair But not for this .. not tonight. 7/10 .

14. Former BBN housemate, Anto Lecky in Bibi Lawrence.

Yasssss Anto! Come through with all the glam/style and what have you. Bibi Lawrence sure outdid this! perfectly tailored. I can’t stop gushing over this look on your behalf! Anto! Wow! 9/10. Because shoes, I’m indifferent.

15. TV host, Ebuka in an all white ensemble.

Ok! Come through with the Angel thing papi! But Ebuka! I expected more. White means “safe”. Where is the edgy Ebuka! Bring him back. I am not here for the Angelic thing sir! And the thing with the Hair… Nope. 5/10. I am so sorry.

16. Actress, Iyabo Ojo in Elegante by Tiannah.

She was also styled By Tiannah. This dress is beautiful! I mean, it’s bridal sort of but it’s also cool for red carpet. I love her hair but Her makeup, Nah! she should have opted for a red lipstick, maybe. 6/10. “Nothing spectacular”.

17. Songstress, Aramide in a Tulle dress.

Make up is horrible , first of all. Too basic. Earring, too much for this. hair isn’t for this outfit, nothing is for this outfit.. not even the “owambe” purse and shoes. I love the dress but poor styling from her stylist.

16. Actress, Toyin Abraham in 2207 by Tbally.

She was also styled by Tolu Bally. Her hair and make up is perfect! 9/10 for that . The upper part of her gown is gorgeous. This is the best I have seen her . The clutch is it maaan! Go Toyin! You look great! Stick with this one!

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