Yinka Ayefele Radio Station (Fresh FM Ibadan) Has Been Demolished By Oyo State Government

Yinka Ayefele Radio station has been demolished.

Apparently, Yinka Ayefele’s Radio Station has been demolished eventually by Oyo State Government.

It’s sad but hopefully the state government grant him necessary compensation since there’s a claim of proper legal documents obtained for the property.

Anyone who knows Yinka Ayefele’s story would be saddened by this demolition of his radio station by the Oyo State Govt.

Try hard enough and you’ll find some legal justification for it – but even slavery was legal.

Govt without empathy for humanity is however simply wicked.

A disabled man worked very hard to set up a multi million naira radio station, employs thousands of workers too. The best a government can do is to encourage him and not to destroy him mentally. Demolition of Yinka Ayefele’s Fresh FM by OYSG is unjust and absolutely crazy.

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