Nigerian History: Happy Posthumous Birthday to Pres Musa Yar’adua

On this day 1951, 13th Nigerian President, Umaru Musa Yar’adua was born.

Happy posthumous 67th Birthday to a great president!

He was selfless, patriotic, democratic and defender of the rule of law. He said and i quote,

“I can die today, tomorrow, this year anytime”.

That what a leader thinks because we can’t live forever, but we can only be remembered for what we have done both good and evil, so live right.

This man, without controversy, is the greatest and most promising leader we have ever had. With the differences between them, yet Yar’Adua reminds me of John F. Kennedy. Visionary, hopeful, genuinely patriotic, had all the requirements and prospects of a great leader except time.

Rest in power.

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