Why Do Girls Like Bringing Their Friends On A Date?

Fam, I was in a restaurant, eaves dropping on a phone convo between a man and a chic.

Guy: So, let’s go see a movie

Babe: I’m bringing 10 of my friends, I’ll pay for 6, you’d pay for 4, you’d also pay for our uber, we are using 3 Ubers.


So basically, the guy agreed to pay for the movie for the 6 girls and all, a few minutes later (at least from what I heard), the girl wanted him to pay for all her friends 10 friends

My guy 10 friends!! I felt this sharp pain in my chest.

Them don open office for my guy head.

I was just eating my food and eaves dropping because his phone was on loudspeaker and I could literally hear everything

Guy: Ahh, babe I can’t pay for all, you know they’ve not paid us salary

Babe: But you know I can’t go out without my friends


Guy: But, wait why can’t you come alone, it’s you I want to see. Not your friends. Only if they’re paying for themselves

Babe: But if you really like me and care about me, you’d make me and my friends happy


Well, to summarize this. The guy agreed to her requests.

My mans is gonna pay for 3 Uber’s to and fro, and he’d also pay for movies for 10 of her friends.

10 Different girls.

I was just eating my food like

Let’s calculate this

1 Uber trip from yaba mainland, to Victoria Island is like N2,500

N2,500 x 3 = N7,500

To and fro: N7,500 x 2 = N15,000

Movies + Popcorn at iMax at night is around N3,000. She had 10 friends

N3,000 x 10 = N30,000

So homeboy spent like N45,000.

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