Is Justice Abang Being Fair To Olisa Metuh?

Is Justice Abang playing a script against Olisa Metuh?

Because I don’t understand how the same judge allowed Nyako and Badeh to travel abroad but have denied Metuh even when the National hospital brought files to show he needs to go abroad for medical treatment.

It is becoming obvious that there is more to Metuh case.

Many believe that Abang is playing an APC script based on how Metuh who was PDP Spokesman confronted Buhari led Govt on policy issues as the opposition spokesperson.

I didn’t believe this notion initially but events in Abang Court has proved me wrong

Abang allowed a man that is facing charges far heavier than that of Metuh to travel for mere vacation abroad but won’t allow a man that is medically certified sick to travel for medicals.

Take notes of these points

Badeh wants to travel to on vacation to abroad to see his family. He requested for permission to be allowed to travel before Justice Abang and he granted his request.

Olisa Metuh has been medically advised to seek for correctional surgery abroad by several of Nigeria’s best Medical Institutions.

Metuh has been to Abang court severally with medical reports seeking to be allowed to seek medicals abroad , Justice Abang keeps turning it down.

The same Justice Abang that allow people facing criminal charges far bigger than Metuh own to travel for issues likes to see family, vacation, religious related issues , hajj, etc ?

Do you still ask if Justice Abang is biased on Metuh case?

And for those asking, the aim of this thread isn’t to defend Metuh’s innocence (he has lawyers for that) but to show the world that Justice Okon Abang is being totally unfair & unreasonable on this matter.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Abang has not been fair.

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