Do Not Let Politicians Use You As A Political Thug During Elections

If you are among the policemen coming to Ekiti for the July 14 election, look at this picture of one of your colleagues.

His name is Kenneth from MOPOL 20, Lagos.

Last Friday, he was brought to Ekiti illegally by a chieftain of the APC identified as Tayo Adebiyi. While being overzealous, he fired shots that hit Opeyemi Bamidele and six others.

Kenneth was beaten to a pulp by the same APC people that brought him to Ekiti. They even hit his head with stones.

Today, Kenneth has been DISMISSED from the police even while he is still being treated at the hospital.

Has anything been done to Tayo Adebiyi, the APC chieftain who brought Kenneth to Ekiti?

Do you now see why you must not allow yourself to be used against the will of the people?

Be warned!

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