Chidiogo Akunyili (Dora Akunyili’s Daughter) Weds Her Canadian Husband In Agulu, Anambra State (Photos)


This is Chidiogo Akunyili, the daughter of Professor Dora Akunyili ( I hate to add later to her name).

Today, she tied the knot with Andrew her Canadian husband.


ow, let’s peruse her wedding.

(1) Did you notice Chidiogo’s complexion?. She is very black as the typical African woman that she is. She maintained her dark skin Color which is rather very beautiful, sexy and attractive. If it were some of our slay queens of today, she would have bleached her skin in the name of “TONING” thereby losing her natural color which will eventually cause her an awful body or skin odor.

(2) Did you look at her face?. No rubbish paintings and fake makeups. Not big eye lashes that’s will hang as if they are fallen off. She just rubbed powder and that’s a very perfect choice.

(3) Did you noticed her husbands wedding regalia?. Because she was going to wear a white man’s wedding gown, the husband wore a Nigerian attire to balance both cultures. Not only that, our Canadian inlaws wore Our Nigerian attires.

(4) Did you also noticed that this great wedding wasn’t taken to Abuja, Lagos, Enugu, Dubai, USA or even Canada where the husband came from?. The wedding was brought to Agulu and at our own Madonna Asumpta Catholic Parish. This has made it possible for our home based Papas and Mamas who have not witnessed where mixed colors tie the knots and exchange conjugal vows to do so, and enjoy the sweetness of “I Do” by the couples which sounds simpler but has the same meaning with our own usual “EKWEM” we respond in Igbo.

(5) Last night during the gala night in her fathers compound Nneogidi village Agulu, the Akunyili’s made sure our cultural heritage were on display for the feeding eyes of our foreign inlaws and visitors. Neither Rihanna or Shakira was Invited, rather, our Masquerades like ODUDU BARIBA Umuowelle Agulu and others were invited to showcase our culture to Ndi Ogo Anyi. They did this because they are proud of our culture and they want to market it to the outside world. Who knows; Odudu Bariba may soon travel to Canada for more performances.

Lesson learnt; despite being equals to the task of organizing any kind of lavish wedding, Chidiogo and the family chose to have a decent and simple wedding.

The family recognized Agulu as a great town and brought home such a colorful wedding to their town. Others would have cited all sorts of excuses like insecurity etc., as their many reasons for having such wedding in Abuja, Lagos or outside Nigeria, but here is a girl from a very rich background with connections all over the world paying respect to her father land.

I salute you #Chidiogo and I respect your courage and humility.

May God bless your union with every good thing He promised people that took this path you and your hubby took today.

When you get to your husbands home in Canada, remain the humble Agulu woman you are because Agulu girls are known for making good wives. Respect him and his family members and always remain prayerful as you have always been.

God bless your marriage.

Darlington Okikiola Ejesieme
Ogazi Ejesieme writes from Awka
Photo credits: Okoye Francis and Charles Ifeanyi Obi.

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