Lagos vs Abuja

If Nigeria was human, Lagos would be its circulatory system, and if it was coffee, Lagos would be the cream that gives it this unique taste.

Abuja is a river that got filled in the presence of Lagos. It can’t drown shit. Lagos was present to rub powder at its birth.

Abuja is a spoilt brat that was sent abroad and returned a wannabe. You know the problem with wannabes? They think they’re better than everyother person, until they can’t keep up with the smokescreen. Eventually, the fowl nyash must show.

Abuja is that daughter that thinks herself better than her mother because she now wears a bra.

Throughout yesterday, I’ve been observing. All Abuja people got on Lagos is the traffic talk. Say something new.
Aside that, they’re even discriminating against themselves. “Please don’t add Yanyan or Maraba or thgdgcxzw as part of Abuja o.” Ptfff! They don’t even like themselves.

Which makes it an insult for Lagos,a land of solidarity, sympathy and support, to be compared with an ‘island’ like Abuja. Lagosians are fascinating. Very friendly lot. Everyone minds Everyone’s business. Its been a week now, and the gate man from the opposite compound has been opening our gate. Nobody has died.
This☝☝ cannot happen in Abuja. Those ones don’t give a shit about themselves. Who cares if Nepa has restored power and their neighbor’s gen was still on? Fuck you!

Drop the traffic talk, let’s talk social status.
See, no matter your social status, there’s always something for everyone in Lagos. Stay with me.

1. Transportation: Transport system in Lagos is one of the best in the country. Much more affordable than that of Abuja. Here, we have a lot of transport alternatives. Yellow buses, green and white buses, BRTs, taxis, tricycles, and motorcycles. Enter according to your budget. Unlike Abuja that has only expensive green cabs and London taxis. Tueh!
Aha! Let’s talk BRT! The feeling I get from BRT? Priceless. Hannu taught me the therapeutic sides of this beautiful affordable and very much comfortable vehicle. It adds color to the state.

2. Feeding: In Lagos, eat according to your pocket. No qualms! With 200 naira, you can have a decent meal of rice, plantain, and a piece of meat, or beans and bread, or boli and groundnut, akara and pap, or yam pottage, or amala or anything at all! This is something that is far fetched in Abuja.

3. You can slay even on a low budget in Lagos. 2k shoes, 500naira clothes. No jokes!
Again, pay no heed to all this slay queens forming Abuja connection. If only they knew that some of those dresses they hustle to buy for 25k at one smelling boutique in Abuja, were chattered at Balogun, Alaba okirika, or kantangua by zealous ex lagosians who now reside and own boutiques in Abuja. Issa opportunity sontin.

Drop the traffic talk, let’s talk chances. Lagos is a hub of opportunities. A city that seduces its inhabitants with hope and positivity. Fuel to the hustling soul. Whatever you do, there’s a market for it in Lagos. So much disposable income to throw around. If you’re hardworking, you can never go hungry in Lagos. That’s why people start from the scratch here, and end up millionaires. Actors, musicians, businessmen, writers, name them! Names are made in Lagos! Why do you think celebrities and millionaires reside here?
Why do you think every organization strives to have their head offices in Lagos?

Drop the traffic talk, let’s talk education and social life. Lagos is the home of the nation’s reputable universities. Federal or private. Also, talents are grown and born in Lagos. Schools like Royal Arts Academy, PEFTI, schools of journalism, business,dance, etc.
On social life, Abuja needs to be humble.
Lagos is fashion,entertainment, gossip,communication, nightlife, everything! Everything starts from Lagos and then spreads.

Let’s talk accessibility to nearby countries: Lagosians can easily access Benin republic, Ghana, Togo, Sierra Leone, and even Liberia.

Let’s talk ports. Lagos airport and sea ports are on the list of top ten in Africa. Besides, Lagos handles about 80 percent of Nigeria’s import. The rest states including Abuja that is shining eyes, dey share the remaining twenty.

Let’s talk tourism. Lagos is the face of tourism. The first story building in Nigeria?The first school in Nigeria? The first church? You wanna know about slave trade?Lagos will give you a worthy run for your money.
Besides, the parks, posh hotels, beaches, and other significant places dey too.

Again, its no news that Lagos has earned it respect in the economy of Nigeria. Lagos economic success is a benchmark for other states in the country. Abuja included. Let’s no drag this one. Even the unborn can attest to this.

Finally, Lagos is the Jerusalem of Nigeria. In fact, very soon it will be Africa. All of you arguing about lagos traffic are part of the problem. Your church headquarters are here, and you cannot help but show up every first Friday or Tuesday or Sunday of the month or year, because your general overseers prefer to plant their churches here. No one wants an impromptu bombing. RCCG, MFM, Synagogue, Dominion city,House on the rock, Deeper life,etc.

Please Lagos is nobody’s mate in this country. Abuja should stop all this attention seeking. Take away Aso rock from it and see it fall apart. Phew! Boring.

Lagos! We die here!

By Penocrat Ayomide Ugonna

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