No Government Punk Should Call Me An Animal

No government punk should call me an animal.

(“Me” in this instance applies to all of us. Us! Except some of you with half your dignity invested in hand-to-mouth ambition need to oil your silence so your hope for pocket lubrication or favour might happen sometime before your hair fall out. Shame, fucking plebieans.)

I stayed ELEVEN hours in traffic on Wednesday afternoon into Thursday morning trying to get my kids from school on one side of the mainland to the other side of the mainland where my mum lives.

I was sandwiched between trailers for hours, my heart left me and went to the throne of God to beg for mercy. Not for life. But for a painless death, if at all this was the day it would come.

If thugs had pounced on my vehicle at 12am, whilst I was trying to take a detour since the road ahead of me leading to Mile 2 had trucks on both side of the lane, nothing would have saved me. No security number to call, no report would be made.

I would have died like a chicken. And it would be so heartbreaking because I wouldn’t have died alone. I had a 13 year old and an 11 year old with me – my life and my joy. And all I had at that moment was God. Not any government.

Why? Because a president was in town to launch a bus stop, inconveniencing 30 million people.

There has never been a time when government stood out or stood up for me. So what gives some government poop the right to brand me an animal?

A president comes and makes our lives miserable for 48 hours and we can’t protest, we can’t speak because the police that should protect us sent warning messages ahead to threaten our freedom of speech and right to a non-violent protest.

Do you call that life? Or are we living in an animal farm!

I have to cough out money every 13 weeks to see children to school. I don’t have any options available for cheaper education provided by government.

I have had no electricity since I was born.

Lagos is a dunghill. Dirt everywhere. Government looks on. Blind bats.

Our media is compromised. A hand-to-mouth disgrace.

The citizenry is easily manipulated. A drop of water to quench thirst, a slice of bread to kill hunger from offensively rich politicians made fat by corruption.

An irresponsible government taking every last shred of dignity from its people so hunger continues to surpass commonsense and courage.

Constantly promoting religion over education so political/economic injustices cannot be questioned, but instead we salute a lack of development and make partisan jokes as we live our lives, a lesser version of a dog’s in Canada.

Mainland is a complete mess. Island is a total sham. Yet Lagos is the best story and contemporary experience Nigeria can offer.

We are living primitive lives in the 21st century. We are deprived of everything.

Nothing works. Nothing. Except the empty cerebral-cum-spiritual bullshit partisan folks spit everytime they suffer diarrhoea.

We have no reason to exist as a nation.

But we are here grovelling for clean water that never comes…

Yet some idiot – a fucking excreta from the anus of corruption and nepotism has the nerve to call me/you an animal.

Can you not wipe that mouth of yours with your salary and leave us to lament online? Isn’t this all we have? If we step out with placards, will we not be tear-gassed, whipped and shot? Yet they take away our last platform to vent.

May you live the rest of your life troubled like the least human in Nigeria.


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