My First Love

You know what’s beautiful about the first time you fall in love? The complete innocence of it all. The rush of emotions, the happiness, the seeing their face in your eba when you eat.

The first time is always wonderful, and this is a story about mine.

As if being in love wasn’t enough, the object of my affection was named “Ifunanya” kee me

Till date, as is the case with love, i can’t explain exactly what about her roped me in.

I can remember how whenever the bell for break rang, immense joy filled me Cos oh here she comes.

Everything felt special with her. A hug wasn’t a hug, it came with electricity that zapped my entire being with excitement, leaving me with warmth.

A smile wasn’t a smile. Babe had my full Mumu remote containing several buttons with which did inexplicable things to me.

A kiss wasn’t a kiss. Our first time was my first time and brethren, after hinting my mates that I had been orally disvirgined, I went home with a joy that no man could take away. How can you ask me to brush my mouth? Are you mad? That strong stench is nothing but true love abeg.

Even at home the day of my first kiss, 4th July(yes I remember the date bite me) MUmsI noticed something was different. I was scrubbing the back of pot with so much kiss inspired vigor, a chore I wouldn’t be caught dead doing on a normal day. What’s up she asked?

Nothing Ma.

As ONOS will say when you are head over heels for a person, “I don monkey for the babe” I could do anything. I would steal popsi’s GSM phone during 9’oclock news just to say some sweet nothings and hear her say “don’t forget sucre, I love you”

Hei! My heart will do gbishgbish.

After two years in jets club, I switched to drama club for her under the guise of I was doing sciences in class and I wanted to explore my artistic side. Na so! I wanted to see her face and read her my poems. Roses are red,violets are blue,why else am I happy If not for you.

Nothing makes you proud than when your babe exits her clique once you just position at one corner. When she stands atop mountain Everest and shouts testimonies of her love for you. It was a vis-a-vis bursting of dada between me and her. I grow she burst,she grow I burst.

Oh ❤️

I remember Valentine’s Day. A young G was starving himself, saving money to buy my beau gift.

I needed to starve; yes love is pain.

She deserved a gift; Love is giving.

I recruited progress to go with me, who suggested I buy Panties and a teddy bear.

No worry Stevo he said to me. I get customer wen dey sell nice nice pant she go like am trust me. After staring at him whathefuckerly like why do you have a pant guy and no my G I can never trust you ever, I opted for a wrist watch and Progress’ teddy bear and she loved it.

All she gave me was a note

“As time runs forever so will my love for you”

Hey God! Baby girl kill me. I saved that note which funny enough I still have till date

It was all perfect and sweet and we had even planned children’s names sef. You know how these things go.

I remember a time where it had been diagnosed that I might be having an appendix operation. I told her and she seemed ok with it only for her cousin to call me next day like what happened? That she had been crying all night. Kai! E sweet me. Dem Dey cry for me. Awwwwn

In 1st year, I heard that the school’s principal had found out about us. Her father and the principal had attended the same uni so he treated her like his.

She had been flogged at the assembly and had yet declared no one but Stephen oiye-eheheh

Hey my chest! I was proud.

Love that could withstand pain and did not deny its own. She was it. I had planned our marriage even. I couldn’t wait for the next year for her to get admitted to uni then we would be two university love birds, Peter and Paulette sitting on a love wall free to fly away wherever.

She didn’t get admission the next year and I was sad. All our Bonnie and Clyde plans had been totally destroyed. Only for her parents to decide out of the blues to send her for a pre-degree program first. Once more our eleventh hour lord had come through again. Amem?

That 1st semester was a thing of beauty. The freedom. I would travel to Enugu to see her, she would come to owerri. Our love had graduated from Goodbye at the gate of her father’s house to good morning beautiful as we wake up side by side. Oh so sweet so cute.

It was even at this time that from kissing it graduated to you know you know you know……………….

It was… no! Words can’t describe it. And I won’t even try.

Everything was a blissful as can be, as happy as can be, and then it happened.

If you’ve been serially heartbroken you know the pattern.

The phone calls drop.
Unnecessary quarrels
Deliberate avoidance, etc

But as is always the case with me, none of this happened. It was all fine and dandy till I got an SMS. I still remember the contents till date.

Steve, I can’t do this anymore. You’re perfect. You’re everything. But I just don’t want us anymore. I’m sorry.

It was October. 7months late if it was intended as an April fools prank.

I called 2million times and she didn’t pick.

I walked a distance almost equivalent to ikeja from festac. And I didn’t realize. I just kept walking and crying and crying. Luckily for me, I had some money to transport myself back. If not I for cry both from trekking back Pains and heart break.

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