First Aid For Snake Bites

Snake bite first aid is a thing everyone should know but sadly, most people don’t. I asked 9 random people what they’ll do if they got bitten by a snake. None knew. So I’ll tell you.

First, it’s important to note that not all snake bite are venomous. Some just give a dry bite. But patients go into a state of panic putting themselves in severe danger.

The first rule is to Be Calm.

Calm ? Yes. Why ? Panicking increases blood circulation which leads to rapid spread of the venom.

Rule 2: Remove constricting clothing and jewelry because the area surrounding the bite would swell.

Rule 3: Don’t use tourniquets. It could cut off blood flow completely. Use a bandage.

Rule 4: Bandage and immobilize with a splint or stick then keep the affected area below heart level to slow down blood flow.

Rule 5: Don’t suck/cut the wound in an attempt to remove the venom. It would only cause needless injuries. Why are you even sucking venom anyways?

Rule 6: No water, No food. Golden rule . Keep the metabolism rate low.

Rule 7: Try to remember details of the snake . It would help in identification and treatment.

Remember: SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION Immediately. Remember, snake bite venom does not kill you in 5 seconds.

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