Daily Struggles With A Broken Or Bad Phone Charger

A time might come when your charger becomes defective and you cannot replace it immediately with a new or borrowed one. Perhaps you ignored the warning signs: one day you had to fiddle with the USB connector before it could charge, and another day you had to check if the electricity was at fault.

Another time, you left your phone charging but it was still blinking at a weak 5% when you went back to fetch it hours later. You then realised that the connector had to be in a certain way for it to work, and for that to be achieved, you had to hold it in a very particular way without moving a fucking muscle.

You ignored all the red flags, and now you bind that tip with Cellotape or whatever other available material that perfectly serves the purpose. And wrapping it around the connector correctly for the first few times is harder than forgiving the person who ate something that you had planned to eat, and had excitedly dreamed of devouring it all day.

Even still, for charging to be effective, you either have to first place the phone on a stable surface before stealthily inserting the maimed USB connector, or slowly place down the charging phone as though you’re laying down a sleeping baby and do not want to wake it up.

A few times, it may charge without effort – this is when your phone still has sufficient power and charging is not necessary – but most times, you will whisper some urgent prayers – this is when your phone is about to go off and you’re desperately trying to prevent it.

Once successful, there will be frequent nervous checks to confirm that the phone is still charging, and you may commit unspeakable horrors against anyone who goes near it, or anyone who touches the furniture upon which it is placed.

Because the sensitive, threatening charger will stop working at the slightest movement around it, including breathing faintly in the general direction of the gadget’s geographical location.

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