Who’s An Original Igbo?

Those of you who can still discuss this government are super humans. I am worn out. I still need to find some sort of sanity so I’d rather discuss something else.

Someone said, ”

Do not devalue yourself, you are the world’s most precious stone.

I do not know who owns that speech but it is a speech I have come to love a great lot.

Which brings me to what I want to discuss.

I want to talk about the people of Abakiliki of Eastern Nigeria and how they devalue themselves.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie once talked about how false stereotypes can be. I agree with her.

But what she did not talk about is effects of stereotype on the one described. Abakiliki people in particular and Ebonyi State generally are a typical example of a group who have allowed stereotypes, untrue and untested sterotypes to deal them a blow. Perhaps I am at this point guilty of stereotype because it can’t possibly be all of them.

Those who describe a whole with a few are ignorant but the group being described by the actions of one individual or few individuals and who allowed such to get to them are even more ignorant.

Days ago I made a post on the need to have a piece of legislation for ranching in place because societies should aim to attain the 1st world class standard and not live by 19th century standards.

Someone here (I can’t remember the person) acknowledged the fact that the post is beautiful however, he did not like the fact that I mentioned that Ebonyi State does not have political heavy weights.

The truth is the essence of the update was not to denigrate any group of people. Everyone knows i will be the last person to do that.

What is even a political heavy weight anyways? When you consider the condition of Nigerian politics, who in the present times can anyone brag with about being a good politician? Methinks it is even a thing of pride for a state to be devoid of these sets of schemers stealing our common wealth.

But this person thought otherwise- that Abakiliki ought to be associated with such sets of individuals else you have undermined Ebonyi State. Another who shared the same opinion with him went ahead to mention the Anambra Political heavy weights. Hear the examples he gave me. Emeka Offor, Arthur Eze, Chris Ngigeand Uba brothers etc.


I was amused and concluded we all need a lesson on how to refuse to be described by people’s opinion of us.

Truth is there is no group of people who are not victims of stereotypes and I will illustrate with examples. Please find out how these groups of people are wrongly described;

Mbaise, Anam, Ngwa, Nsugbe, Edo, Ekiti. When I see an Anioma person complain that he is being described as not being a real Igbo. I simply smile. What the person does not know is that some people are suffering the same fate in Anambra North who are seen as unreal Igbos.

In a period when Akwa Isi Agu is gradually turning into “Igbo main traditional outfit”, I do not sulk because my people are not found wearing it. Instead, I have taken it upon myself to tell anyone who cares to listen that we all have our traditional outfit and no group of people will make.it seem like ours does not define Igbo.

The funny thing is the same Anambra North people describe other Igbos as “Igbo Nkakwu”. Nkakwu is that specie of the rat family that smells a lot. So imagine what that means. Ngwa people describe other Igbos as “Umu Ohuhu”.

Anam is worse hit. They are described with the most ridiculous name I cannot even write down presently. But the truth is they are over it and doing great things.

Ebonyi is one of the neatest place in Eastern Nigeria. I have been to the place. This is not hearsay.

Someone from Ebonyi can hardly be involved in “ife ike”. Isn’t that something to be proud of?
Prof. Chinua Achebe in his book, “there was a country”, once described the Igbo as being too loud. If you woke up the Professor today and question the validity of that statement, I am certain he will tell you that the statement does not include Ebonyi State people who are not necessarily boastful.

Look around you, some of the beautiful women around are from Ebonyi. So what exactly are crying about over fallacy people peddle about? Why should someone from Ebonyi keep complaining about what ignorant people say about them and feeling inferior.

Do you think Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu who is a first class graduate feels inferior about anything?
Do you think Anyim Pius Anyim belittled himself anywhere?

What about the musician called Tecno? And Patoranking? What of Angela Okorie the actress? Who can show me that woman more beautiful than her?

I think the problem is if you are not a better person yourself and as an individual, you seek for a way out by playing the victim card. Because the truth is anyone who mocks any of those individuals I mentioned above because of where they come from will end up looking very silly in the eyes of right thinking members of the society.

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