Nigeria Will Kill Your Dreams

I stumbled on this on Twitter this morning. I don’t know who the people are, but from the tweet, I suppose they were connected to Konga, the online retail giant that has now being acquired by Zinox as it was no longer viable on its own.

The infrastructures, the enabling environment that could’ve helped Konga survive were not there. The monies that would’ve done that is used to pay each serving Senator 29 million naira a month for snoring and going on recess.

Your CBN Governor was opening the dollar vaults to politicians to ferry to their homes, while young businessmen I knew were buying dollar for 445 Naira at the time to import goods because it was no available to banks. Your finance Minister couldn’t even decide whether we were in a recession, whether we were out, or whether we were only technically in or out. Your Infromation Minister said Boko Haram was technically defeated, at the same time his Oga was sanctioning the payment of millions of U.S Dollars for ransom. Guess what, they’re now capable enough to kidnap more girls.

More failed business. Dreams deferred. A country that serves to betray every iota of hope. Many more are taking their things and leaving. Businesses that boomed in the so called corrupt PDP days, are folding up in the era of “change”.

With overpriced fuel, lack of power, and biting hardship, disposable incomes have all but disappeared and small businesses from all corners are feeling the pinch. They are dying off in droves. APC is a pestilence. But what better punishment is there for a people who are known to constantly vote against their own interest. Not saying PDP was el dorado, but business thrived, or at least they were not dropping dead every week. People were actually returning to the country to add value, to invest. Not just Nigerians, but foreign businesses too.

Now snakes swallow your money, and monkeys run away with the safe. Those who would survive would survive. Like these gentlmen, vote with your feet if you think that’s the answer. Nigeria would be fine with or without you.

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