Burna Boy Is In A League Of His Own. He’s The Rolls Royce Of Nigerian Music

Burna Boy is in a league of his own. He doesn’t sound like the conventional Nigerian ‘musician’ we’re used to listening to. That level of uniqueness must not be taken for granted. He’s not involving himself in this popularity contest that’s taken over the Nigerian music industry.

Quite a number of the top guys in the Nigerian music industry idolize him for his unconventional style. Wizkid particularly. Even to the point of trying to sing like him. An example is his ‘Ojuelegba’ song, where he intermittently mimicked Burna Boy’s in-pitch voice breaks

Basically speaking, as far as the Nigerian music scene is concerned, nobody does it like Burna Boy. I don’t know how big he is in Nigeria, but he’s certainly carved a niche in the UK. A lot of people actually think he’s Jamaican but shocked to hear he’s African and Nigerian.

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