BBC Igbo Is A Great Thing For Igboland

BBC Igbo is the best thing that happened to Igboland. I am not in agreement with the location but I am optimistic that can be sorted out in future.

Those who wanted to yoke us with those we have nothing in common with have already failed from the start.

If you are not at ease with the location like I am, then simply make your arguments in that line. Then we just might agree with you.

Those who say they are Igbos and want a purely homogenous republic love BBC Igbo.

Those who wants to yoke us in another kind of Nigeria dislike BBC Igbo.

Those who are Igbos but say they are not can go and open their own radio station and speak Creole there or shout #Warri lIke Efe.

This is 21st century. Our mothers are no longer changing your language and your surname. Feel free to adopt another language.

Those who want another kind of Nigeria with a people who despises them and heaps all their maladies on us, just go your way please. Countries are not built because women of certain areas tie two wrappers.

Good Fences Make Good Neighbours
BBC Igbo is going to be saying who we truly are.

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