How Often Do You Communication In Your Relationship

Here are some tips that will guideyou in your communication with your partner.

Communication can also be defined as the act of someone passing across or speaking his/her mind to people.
When it comes to communication in a relationship, communication is something that shouldn’t be neglect; communication is the life chord of a relationship. Communication is very paramount in a relationship just like water and blood are very paramount in human’s body system. We all know that when a body lacks enough blood and water if care is not taken, the person might die if something is not done very fast. So also is communication in a relationship, when a relationship is lacking good communication skills and something is not done about it, that relationship might as a result of that crash.

Have seen many relationships been crashed due to lack of good communication. I’m not just talking about communication here, but a good quality one.

That means let what you discuss in your relationship or say to your partner be that of which it will edify his or he spirit and minister grace unto him or her. You don’t just open your mouth and talk anyhow, you should speak with wisdom, let what will proceed out of your mouth be full of wisdom, let words of wisdom, encouragement be that which will always come out of your mouth.

Communication goes a long way in a relationship. If we ask some people when last they communicate with their partner, some will say two days ago, last week, and if you ask them why? Some will say they are busy, no credit etc. how can you claim to be in a relationship with someone and there is no good communication between you and the person? Let even assume it is true you don’t have credit or busy, at least the social media is there for you to communicate, either through WhatsApp, Facebook, IMO, skype etc. why can’t you use those medium to communicate instead of given excuses?

And let even assume it is true that you are busy, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have time to communicate to your partner, either by just sending him/her an SMS. Are you telling me you weren’t given break for launch? Even if you weren’t given, it’s a thing you can excuse yourself, go to the restroom and quickly put a call through him/her, saying hello bae, how’re you doing, I ought to have called you since, but kind busy, hope you’re doing fine? I just want to say hello to you and hear your voice, talk to you later, I love you. Simple as that, it won’t take you up to 5min, except if you don’t want to speak to him/her and I use to say something, no matter how busy someone is, such person will always create or find time to speak to the person he/she loved, except if you don’t truly love the person.

If you can’t talk, then send message to him/her, he/she will be happy, saying despite how busy you are, you still find time to call or send him/her message, he/she will be happy and that will even make your love to keep growing in his/her heart, not the one that before you call, they would have to beg you and persuade you, if I may ask, were you forced to go into the relationship? If no, then why is it that you would have to be persuaded before you call someone you claimed to love? That’s not the way they handle relationship, you don’t need to be forced before calling your partner, some will even say if he/she doesn’t call, then I also won’t call, that’s shows you are still a baby and not old enough to be in a relationship, you don’t wait for your partner to call you before calling him/her, things are not done like that.

If credit is the problem, then go for a CUG line. It won’t cost you less than 2k or 3k depending on the type of network you are going for, after you bought the sim, register it there, and you subscribe on it every month with 1k, after subscribing, you are free to always call you like, you can talk for the whole day, I will urge you to go for Glo, because only Glo is unlimited while other networks has limited time, you can finish your sub before the month ends, while for Glo, you can’t finish it, it’s unlimited. That’s what I and partner were using before it was stolen. To know more about the CUG line, you can contact me. Communication is very paramount if you truly want to make your relationship work and last.

Communication is not all about talking, it’s all about you are given a listening ear, getting the message and you also passing across the right message, don’t be after what you have to say, some people while communicating with their partner, they won’t listen, their mind will be on what they have to say and not given a listening ear to what their partner is saying, there is no way you can have a successful communication. You’ve to forget about what you have to say and listen to what your partner is saying at that time, when you give a listening ear to him or her; you will be able to get the real message and what he or she is saying.


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