Most Nigerian Ladies Are Used For Money Ritual- Yahoo Boy Reveals

A Nigerian Man narrated how he met an old friend who seems to have acquired wealth so he asks him to show him the way so that he can acquire too.

He was shocked to realize that his friend is into ritual popularly referred to as Yahoo Plus when he asked him the source of his wealth.

He wrote:

He replied ”I plus up now” Asin (yahoo plus+) and I went forward to ask what he did, he didn’t even hide it maybe bcz he trusted me this was what he told me.

“My guy as I start this gee time no pay me to imagine clients go dey give me $200 why nw na em i go one baba like that, the man assures me say I go hit jackpot na just to do some rituals.

At first, I shake but after I go meet the man him give me hanky say if I sleep with any girl of my choice make I make sure say she sleep after sex then use the hanky clean the pussy then bring am for am.




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