Nigeria Celebrities In Illuminati 2018

Prominent Nigerian musicians, singers, producers, and actors are not an exception. Owing to such a policy, Illuminati Member In Nigeria can totally control the society.

These are some of the Illuminatic celebrities in Nigeria below

Charly Boy

singer and producer, Charly Boy, is undoubtedly one of the most notable celebrities in Nigeria. He is also one of the most controversial entertainers in Africa. Charly Boy has never hidden his loyalty to Illuminati. The fantastic singer always tries to show that Illuminati members control all the life in Nigeria. Moreover, Illuminati adores him to be their faithful member. Both Charly boys performances and lifestyle make his admirers follow their beloved idol in everything. His cousin, the celebrated singer Dr. Alban also supports Illuminati.


D`banj is one of the most wanted guests on any Nigerian party. He is really named one of the most beloved persons in Nigeria. Consequently, he never denies his Illuminati membership, being one of the most influential Nigerian Illuminati members. His amazing songs have already brought D`banj plenty of the best music Awards in both Africa and the whole world. Thus, we are sure that D`banj feels fine with Illuminati.


Davido`s Nigerian fans adore him. That is why he quickly became an Illuminati member. Moreover, he is considered one of the youngest Nigerian Illuminati.


2Face has already revealed six fantastic LPs and nearly twenty popular hits, which are known all over the planet. Nigerian Illuminati members praise the fact that youth adores this singer. Therefore, he can easily influence their fragile minds.

T.B Joshua

T.B. Joshua is one of the most well-known Nigerian preachers and a respected Illuminati member. This man is the chief pastor of several churches. Joshua’s modern attitude to all African religions has already given him plenty of prestigious awards. The pastor lives an active life on traditional social media and YouTube. It allowed Illuminati spread their ideas more efficiently.


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