List Of Dino Malaye Cars And Houses

Dino Melaye cars are extremely luxurious. He is a senator elected to represent Kogi District. Dino Melaye fleet of cars will make you jealous. Take a look at these set of cars belonging to one of the Nigerian senators. Very admirable.

Dino Fleet of Cars

Let take a look at Dino Malaye cars and their price below.

Dino Melaye Harley Davidson

The price for Harley Davidson motorcycles starts from $100,000. Still, it`s only sold in the USA. The senator must have had to pay a huge amount for shipping this vehicle to the destination point. We also bet that he wouldn`t want to buy the cheapest model! Therefore, you can expect that the price for his Harley-Davidson is at least $150,000.

Dino Malaye Polaris Slingshot

This red vehicle is estimated at the price of $24,000. It`s not the cheapest vehicle in his collection, but it`s also not the cheapest car in Nigeria. Dino Melaye definitely enjoys riding this red super motorcycle.

Dino Malaye Lamborghini Gallardo

The price for this fantastic sports car is about $200 000. It was one of the Lamborghini top-selling a car from 2003 to 2013. About 15,000 of these cars have been built since 2003, and Dino Melaye has one of them. Lamborghini is not a simple car you can buy and just enjoy. This car is created for speed racing, but it`s possible to buy it just to show off!

Dino Melaye Class Rolls Royce

Dino Melaya is an exception. He wants to make sure that every Nigerian knows that Dino Melaye owns this car! The estimated price for this extremely luxurious auto is about $400,000. Some Nigerians will need several lifetimes to buy this car. Still, Dino Melaye managed to buy it in one lifetime!

Dino Malaye Porsche Panamera

This car is sold for $80.000,Dino Melaye is also one of the lucky guys who owns this car. How is it possible that a senator in Africa can have enough money to buy this car? It`s a mystery for now! Still, people seem to like Dino Melaye wealthy lifestyle and especially his cars!

Dino Malaye Range Over

The price for this car starts at least from $100,000. Still, it`s impossible to see Deno Melaye getting the cheapest version of this car. Therefore, we can estimate that his current Range Rover costs about $150,000.

Dino Malaye G-Wagon

You can buy this car in Nigeria if you have at this car in Nigeria if you have at least $100,000 in your bank account. Still, you don’t want to just buy any Mercedes G Wagon, you want the best one! Therefore, you need to have leather interior and the bullet-proof exterior. The price for Mercedes G Wagon with these capabilities may start from $200,000. Dino Melaye does not want the cheapest version, therefore his G-Wagon may be at least $200,000.

Dino Malaye Mansion

Dino Melaye Cars and Houses have been the talk of a lot of Nigerians! If you like to see luxury cars and you don`t know where to see them in Nigeria – you just need to look at the social page of the senator of Kogi State!



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