How He Found Love Through Uber

Mike was tired of waiting for another job in Enugu after he lost his former job to redundancy, so he decided to relocate to Lagos to look for opportunities.

He borrowed his uncle’s car to start Uber business, fell in love on the road & his life transformed.

When Mike informed his uncle that he wants to relocate to Lagos to look for a job, his uncle told him that he was welcomed and Mike was excited.

So he started packing his bags to travel the following weekend, he got everything he needed and took the afternoon flight to Lagos.

Luckily for him his uncle stayed at Ajao Estate close to the airport, so he didn’t need any airport taxi to take him home.

He called his uncle when he landed and his uncle told him that he would send his mechanic down to the airport to get him.

So he waited at the “Arrivals”

The mechanic came to the airport, picked him and they headed home to his uncle’s house. He got to his uncle’s house, met the whole family at home.

He greeted them all as they welcomed him and showed him to the guest room, his uncle’s kids were still in primary school at the time

“Good evening uncle, good evening aunty” Mike greeted his uncle and his wife as he stepped in, “How are you children ?” Mike turned to the kids as he waved at them.

“Michael! Kedu” “Odimma”
“You’re welcome” “Thank sir”

And he went to settle in his room.

Mike settled in quickly & joined them in the living room to watch TV, they were all watching ‘The Johnson’s’ on Africa Magic.

“Haha.. I love spiff, has my favourite character” Mike said as he took his seat, “You watch the program?” Aunty Chinyere asked Mike.

“Yes o, I love it’

So they finished watching and his uncle asked him how his parents were, they asked of his siblings and jokingly asked if he was getting married soon since he is the only son in his family.

“Ahh no uncle, not now o!”

“Make I get job first na” Mike replied and they all laughed.

Several weeks passed by and Mike was unable to get a job, he started becoming frustrated. His aunt started losing respect for him, she started sending him on different errands.

Mike started washing the plates in the house, cleaning everywhere in the house.

His worries grew…

One day he went outside to buy some provisions but the store on his street wasn’t opened. So he walked down to the next street and asked a man walking where he could get provisions.

The man pointed towards a path and he followed, when he got there he found a small settlement.

He walked in a bit and noticed a small house with a provision store in front, as he walked closer her saw some boys sitting on a bench. They were smoking and drinking hot drinks, Mike told them he wanted to buy something so they called the shop owner him.

“Give me Milo madam’

While he was making his order he overhead them arguing about Bet9ja, he looked towards their direction “Celtic go draw that match, me I carry am straight draw and na 2 odds” Mike said, the paused and look at him in surprise; “Butty sef dey play Bet9ja ni?” Kamoru asked.

“Ah bros no reason am o, see my ticket for here sef” Mike replied as he brought out betslips from his pocket and showed them, “Ahh oshey omo aje!” Kamoru replied with a big green, “Washere! Oja si” he added as he collected the best slip from Mike to peep the line-up and stake.

Mike collected the provisions & also took back the betslip from kamoru, they thanked him & shook his hands as he found his way back home.

He got home, dropped the items & went back to his laptop to send out more applications. He got no feedback. He kept thinking of of what to do.

Later that night while he was scrolling through his timeline on twitter he saw a post from an Uber driver who said that he made about N150,000 from driving Uber, it got him thinking about the business. He remembered that his uncle had a Camry at the mechanic workshop.


He went to Google the requirements for registering on Uber & he read through, he felt he could start the business instead of waiting for a Tech job.

He concluded that he would pitch it to his uncle when he got back in the evening, to ask if he could fix & borrow him the Camry…

Mike waited for his uncle to come back because he usually comes back late & he was mostly asleep when his uncle returns, his uncle came in at about past 9 & sat down to watch the network news.

Mike took his bath in & came back to watch the news with him.

But his uncle was tired.

After the news; he thought of postponing the discussion because he noticed his uncle was tired, but he eventually summoned courage to ask his uncle for few minutes of his time.

“Uncle there’s something I want to discuss with you” Mike spoke, his uncle looked at him asked “what?”

Mike pitched the idea to his uncle & his uncle thought it was a good idea, Mike was excited about his uncle’s reaction.

“Okay I’ll call Ade to repair the car and bring it on Friday” his uncle said, “Ah thank you uncle Frank” Mike replied with so much excitement 😃

“God bless U”

Fast forward.. Ade fixed the car and brought it home, everything was working fine and it was set to start work.

Mike registered on Uber and began his first trip the following Tuesday, before he got to 7&8 bus stop he already had a request.

He accepted & picked up the passenger.

Mike had started to earn a living from driving Uber, he now leaves the house in the morning and comes back at night. He was able to pay for things and he started feeling like a man once again.

While he was stepping in one day after work his girlfriend from Enugu calls him.

He picked the call & his girlfriend broke the news of her traditional marriage to him, “Hello, I don’t understand! What do u mean you’re getting married?” Mike asked.

She told him that her father had arranged a husband for her since he didn’t show signs of seriousness.


Mike couldn’t believe it, “How did this happen?” Under how many months of leaving Enugu? How do I start from the scratch again? After 4 years?” Mike kept asking himself immediately he ended the call with Ada.

He just sat down on his bed and started to think of his life.

Nna eh.

“Mike!! Michael!!!” His uncle screamed his name from the living room, “Yes uncle!” Michael responded.

“Heard you’ve been indoors since you came back?” At that point Mike looked at the time & realised that he’d wasted almost 4 hours thinking about the breakup news,

“I Slept off”.

Mike’s aunt was unhappy that Mike no longer stays at home to assist with house chores, she gradually started becoming hostile to him.

She stopped giving him food so Mike started eating outside before he got home, she started complaining about every little thing he did.


The hostile behaviour against Mike went on for weeks without his uncle knowing, Mike started staying longer outside because of his aunt.

He would just come home late, take his bath and sleep.

His aunt wasn’t happy so she started to think of ways to make Mike “loyal” to her.

One Saturday morning before Mike went out to work, his uncle called him and told him he had something to discuss with him.

“What’s that sir?” Mike asked, then his uncle told him that his wife wants to start learning how to drive. & that the “available” car was the Camry with him.

“No problem sir”

So he would take her on driving lessons on Sunday & that when she was good enough to drive herself then she would take over the car, Mike had no choice than to accept.

He knew his aunt was doing this just to get back at him, so he thought of an escape plan.

Mike kept on sending out more job applications hoping that he would get a job before the car gets taken away from him, he had to work extra harder to save up some money.

The house became unbearable for him each passing day. He prayed & hoped for the best.

Mike’s aunt started her driving lessons and picked up very fast, she could start driving herself to work with the “L” within 3 weeks, Mike’s worries grew and he kept on wondering why he was going through all these.

He started becoming depressed and depended on his job for escape.

One hot afternoon while he was driving from Abraham Adesanya in Ajah to Jakande in Lekki, a lady flagged him down hastily close to a petrol station.

She was panting when she got to his car & just told Mike to please take her down to Osbourne.

“Relax ma, what’s the problem?”

Mike asked her what happened & why she was panicking, she was able to catch her breath for a bit & explained to him that she got robbed.

“They pointed the gun at me when I stopped to check my tyre just there 😢 (pointing to the filling station which was closed)”

Mike apologized.

So Mike asked her if she uses an iPhone & if it was in the car, “Yes! I do”. She told him that it was in her bag & that her bag was at the back seat.

“Okay, let’s try tracking the phone we maybe able to know their location” Mike suggested.

“Can u do that?”

“Yes I can”


Luckily for the lady who later introduced herself as Sandra, her phone was on silent and the robbers apparently didnt notice there was a phone in her bag.

Mike was able to track the phone, got the location and they called policemen from a nearby station who followed them there.

They got to the location somewhere around Eleko area of Lagos, the police surrounded the building. Lo & behold the car was there, they raided the place & arrested the armed robbers.

As they were bringing them out in handcuffs Mike went with Sandra to recover her car keys.


While they were bring out the suspects from their hideout Mike recognised one of them, so he took a second look & it was kamoru.

He looked at kamoru in the face & kamoru recognised him too;

“Bet9ja boy, na you go report us abi? I go show you” kamoru said to Mike with anger.

Mike couldn’t believe how kamoru came all the way from airport road to rob at lekki, he started being scared of what kamoru could do to him.

He tried so hard to hide his fear as he faced Sandra who couldn’t stop thanking Mike for helping her recover her car.

“Dun menshun”

Sandra was so grateful and he thought of ways to reward Mike, she checked her glove compartment and luckily for her the envelope of money she kept was intact.

She counted N10,000 and gave to Mike but he rejected the gift, stating that he didn’t do it for money.

Really? Wawu

Sandra was really impressed and she tried to convince Mike to take an offer of gratitude from her but he refused, so she asked for his number & asked if he would love to hangout someday so that they could talk better.

She was in a hurry to get back to her office

“Yeah, Sure”

She took the N10,000 and offered to the officers to thank them for their help, got into her car & drove off signalling Mike that she was going to call him later.

What a rough day Mike had had, he got into is car & headed towards 3rd mainland bridge.

Thoughts filled his mind.

When he got home late at night, he went inside his room to freshen up. It was quite late and his uncle had returned early from work.

“Mike let me see you when you finish” his uncle told him, “Okay Uncle” Mike responded as he went straight to the bathroom to take his bath.


“I wanted to tell you that after this week your aunty would start taking the car to work, She can drive herself now” his uncle said softly as he looked Mike in the face, he knew Mike was sad but he had to place his wife’s request over Mike’s need.

“No problem sir, I’ve heard”

Mike took what was going to be his last ride with the car, dropped the passenger at the Airport for an evening flight and came in through FAAN gate straight to Ajao Estate.

He met his aunt at home since it was a Saturday, handed her the keys, & thanked her.

He went inside like

He sat down thinking of how difficult his life would be sitting down in that house with no job & nowhere to go, he kept on wondering what to do until he passed out.

He suddenly woke up when he heard his phone ring in his pocket, he hurriedly brought it out to see the caller.

“Hello, this is Sandra. The lady you helped recover her stolen car”
“Oh hi Sandra, how are you doing?”
“I’m fine, I had wanted to call you but I’ve been busy”
“It’s okay, what’s up?”
“Would you be available tomorrow, I’ll like us to meet”
“I’m free after church”
“Alright then”

Mike asked her where they’ll be meeting and she said she’ll be at Ikeja city mall on Sunday afternoon, he kept the date in his mind and went straight to have his bath.

He went to a viewing centre to watch football and also to have his haircut for church & his date the next day.

Mike wore the best native attire he had to church the next morning, he ordered an uber immediately after church & went straight to the mall to meet up with Sandra.

He called when he got to the mall & luckily she was already at Bheerhugz waiting for him, he went up to locate her.

Sandra couldn’t recognise Mike as he walked in on her sitting on a table, “Hi Sandra” Mike said he smiled at Sandra, “Sorry who are you?” She asked.

“Do I look different? It’s me Mike”

“Oh my God! You look so different with the native attire” Sandra replied with surprise.

He sat down and they got talking, Sandra asked him about himself & why he opted for an Uber job because he sounds quite smart & intelligent.

Mike narrated how he lost his job as an assistant Tech Engineer in back in Enugu. His struggles and pain.

It was quite touching to Sandra.

They ordered more drinks & kept talking, they got to know each other better & she revealed to Mike that she worked as HR in an IT firm in Lagos.

“There’s an opening that may suit your CV? Forward your CV to me before tomorrow morning”

“Really?” Mike asked

“Yes! Send it”


So they continued drinking, had a good time together and Mike revealed his inner Basketmouth when he got under the influence of alcohol. Sandra laughed so hard that she started to get really comfortable with Mike.

They finished drinking & left the mall to head to the car park.

Sandra found out that Mike had stopped driving Uber when he asked for his car, so she offered to give him a lift home before she headed to hers.

They paid for the parking ticket, got in the car and drove off.

Fast forward.. The following Monday Mike went for an interview at Sandra’s office, he had received an invite from her to come for a “formal” interview.

He got into the office and she was head of the interviewers, she interviewed him and immediately recommended him for the job.

“Congratulations Michael Obi, we are pleased to inform you that…” an email Michael read the following morning, he had gotten the job.

He got up and screamed, picked up his phone immediately to call Sandra. “Thank you very much, may God bless you” he said.

“You’re welcome”

He went downstairs, broke the news to his uncle and aunt. Everybody seemed to be happy for him except his aunt. He went back to his room, called his parents and started preparing to shop for work clothes.

He had saved up some money so he dashed off to mandilas at Lagos Island.

He bought everything he needed and prepared himself for work the following week, he resumed & he was shown his new office and given a new laptop.

He was also given an official car & phone, his salary was quite fat & finally his suffering days were over.

This God is too good.

Mike worked for a few months and eventually decided to move out of his uncle’s house, he was tired of his aunt’s treatment & Kamoru’s threat scared him.

he got an apartment and thanked his uncle for everything he had done for him, arranged and moved out

By bye to jati jati.

One cool afternoon after work, Sandra went to Mike’s office to check if he had closed but Mike was still there.

“Can we meet over dinner when you close?” Sandra asked Mike.

“I hope everything is fine?” Mike asked

“There’s no problem at all Mike ☺” Sandra replied


So Mike finished up few minutes later and called Sandra, she was already waiting for him at OFF very close to their office.

“Can you meet me at KFC” Sandra asked, “Sure I’ll be there” Mike replied as he ended the call and went straight to KFC.

He walked in and sat down.


“I don’t know how to say this” Sandra started as Mike sat opposite her looking her in the face, she started to shiver and lose words of expressions. Mike noticed she was uncomfortable and asked her what the problem was, “I really like you Mike and I don’t know how to say it”

“I’ve always liked u from the beginning but I didn’t want to say it, I didn’t want you thinking I helped you with the job so that you could date me” she continued, she told him she always gets jealous when he flirts with other girls at work.

Mike could not believe it


Mike had been nursing feelings for Sandra ever since but he was also being cautious because they worked in the same office, he also didn’t want to come out as being “ungrateful”.

He told Sandra that he was also in love with her but didn’t know how to say it.

“Oh yeah?”

They both smiled at each other & Mike held her hands, “I’m in love with you too Sandra, this is the happiest day of my life”.

They were both filled with happiness & joy that they started to kiss inside the eatery, people around there were staring at them but they didn’t mind.

Mike and Sandra started dating from that day, they worked together for about a year and ended up getting married to each other the following year.

They lived happily ever after.



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