Easy And Quick Tips To Pass Waec-Gce 2018

Here are easy and quick way to have good result in Waec- Gce 2018

1.Don’t Follow the crowd-
There is a popular saying even during my days as a student in secondary school, which goes like this “you can not pass Waec on your own”.I tell you that that is a lie from the pits of hell, You don’t need to bribe anyone to pass you just need to be very serious at the dying moments which is “Now”.Don’t put it in your mind in bribe.

2. Remove Fear-

Fear has caused many Waec -Gce writer to become Weac customer and also out fear student who prepared for question loss focus on what to right. Don’t put your in fear rather believe you are writing your normal exam relax your mind and all that have read will come back in your memory.

3.Time Yourself-
Don’t Just solve questions, while solving set a time limit.For Subjects like chemistry, physics, and mathematics when solving them you can set half the time limit that will be given to you in the Exam hall; let’s say you will be given 2 hrs, deduct 1 hour when solving questions before the exams date, so as to improve your speed limit.Don’t be deceived speed matters in all exams.I’m not saying you should rush yourself speedily am just saying be fast so you can cross-check what you have done from the scratch.

4. Remove cramming

Read to understand don’t to read cram word because when you always cram words it takes to forget what to put them when writing your exam. The best way to read is to read with the sense of understanding what each subject means.

5. Make A Time Table-

Creating your own timetable as a  student helps you to be fast whenever you want to sit for an exam. It encourages you to read more and get prepared for your exam.

I wish all who are going take Waec-Gce 2018 GoodLuck!!


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