Why Is Glo Data So Slow?

All this plenty strength Glo puts into their advert, shey they will die if they use it to improve their network ni?

Una sabi do advert for Africa. Advert be looking like something drafted outside the country.

4g blah blah blah!

So if dem call 4g people now, una go follow stand for queue?


Be promising heaven and earth like Bull-hari.

3gig for 20 naira.

20 gig for 17 kobo.

Person go rush. Carry money wey him suppose use drink coke relax, buy simcard.

Stress ontop register am.

Subscribe with 1k join.

Because, scam awoof of extra 500 mb.

Oya see you, see data, browse na. Abia!

You try everything, data can never be hot. Rather , it’s crawling like an overfed snail. Since morning, one spot.

Oya muna collect una bonanza wey dey ontop, make I manage the one wey I subscribe with my hard earned money. Story!

And na so you go just dey look, everything will just stay in your hand and expire!

Both your rightful data and the bonus.

You provoke , call customer care. Customer care go dey form one thing, one thing.

Bomb dey una head!

Lemme just be looking.

Let 12 knack first, and you people swindle me this last time.

Just this last time.

Let midnight reach .

If I no naked , carry calabash, tie red cloth for head, go swear for una for T-junction, change my name!

I won’t take it this time. If I take it, let aeroplane jam me at Ojuelegba.

Occult Grand Masters of Data my left nyash!


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