The Wedding Party 2 Movie Review: Jokes Not Funny

I watched “Wedding Party 2″… for the culture.

I couldn’t seem to laugh at the jokes… because, well, they weren’t funny.

The only part I enjoyed was RMD’s response to the white man, after an obvious sub.

White man said, “though I’d have chosen another family for my daughter, but she’s happy with you” (paraphrase)

RMD replies, “Is there a compliment in there somewhere”, with an expression that was quite hilarious.

That’s all for me. Nothing else was amusing.

Enyinna is quite the catch. And he looks absolutely delicious on big screen. He’s with the right team, I guess. Mo Abudu’s glow covers everyone around her. Boss woman!

Banky W’s head game is on point (still not sure what makes him a ladies’ man though).

The script is as pedestrian as they come. The major parts that should really make us laugh were rushed and badly directed.

The best way to describe this movie is listening to a demo of an upcoming musician. It doesn’t tie in nicely at all.

We need to move from hype to substance at some point. This idea of trying to rope humour into every script/movie is a big problem in Nigerian cinema. Not every script has to be funny or have elements of Frank Donga or “Baba Suwe”.

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