The God Of Second Chances Is Nigerian

Sometimes I wonder why people so effortlessly confide in me.


The taxify driver who jjust dropped me off said to me.

“… na Bakassi boys drive from Onitsha o. Some of guys kpai for that movement. Dem butcher dem like meat, kon roast dem with tire and patrol. My broda, na God save me o. As I survive I promise God say I no go touch gun again talk more of dey kpai person because say I wan tief. Bros e no easy. Parole tight. I enter Bini, no work, so so tempation for every corner. No do no do, I enter Lagos kon dey do ferry. We dey move motor from seme enter Nigeria. Inside bush for midnight we dey move o. Small time reach custom block way. I enter yahoo. I suffer small sha, until one job enter. I hammer. Loud. Levels change. As you see me so. I become chairman o. See how maga dey fall right left and center. I dey live life. I dey ball. Marry I no marry. Pikin I no born. Na so EFCC hol me. Na kirikiri I see o. See suffer. Every ikpini I see dem collect from my hand. 6 years I dey inside o. Na God help me one Father kon put mouth for my matter. Last year dem release me. See happiness. Straight to church o. Testimony time. Dem contribute money give me. I use am rent place for Aguda. The remaining I start business. Okrika. Market no move too much. Na im I hear say Uber dey. One of my guys before link me up. Give me car dey drive. I dey deliver 45k a week. Oh boy my eye don done. I save pass First bank o. Na im I kon carry all the money I for dey use dey do my okrika kon join am to the money I don save, na im I use buy this muscle. Tokunbo. Sofri sofri I dey drive my car, dey use am do boss man. Money dey drop steady. I dey sleep well. Dey chop well. Dey follow my God. I swear down, dis year we.dey enter so, 2018, I must to marry. 2019 bon my first pikin. 2024 I don born 5. After that God willing i enter church full time.”

He made the sign of the ctoss and kissed his fingers.

Then he stared lost in his thoughts.

I watched him and it was then I noticed the faint scars around his face. On his shaved head. His hands as they gripped the staring wheel.

It ahowed the life he had lived.

The life he had left behind.

In Canada he would have had a crininal record and Taxify would never allow him drive for them since the safety of their rider would be more important to them than giving second chances to people life has dealt an unfortunate card.

Maybe God is not Canadian.

But to the man who had told me his story, God is a Nigerian.

He turned to me.and smiled as though he agreed with my silent thoughts.

Then sighed audibly and continued.

“Bros dis life too short. We no know who God go bless or the pesin wen e go show mercy, but the one wen me I know be say the pesin wen God sorry for and e no kon plan, dat pesin don loss finally.”


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