Nigeria Man Way Of Toasting A Lady

A young lady of about 19 years old was been wooing ‘toasting’by one of the boys in the white Camry, the lady in question felt a strong odor coming out from the white painted Camry. The horrible odor (Smell) made the Lady suspicious. Then she alarmed an elderly man passing by. The elderly man then made a light signal when he saw the Police Team that was doing their daily patrol. The police team intercepted the car and searched all the boys.
They were frightened, not knowing what was happening.
One of the policemen ‘ Names withheld’ was shocked when he opened the car booth and found two heads the boys carried in their┬ácar.
In examining them carefully, the authority ‘police force’ found that they were two known heads.
It was ahead of a fish (Titus) and the other of a Goat (Ogufe).
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