How Some Nigeria Ladies Handle Their Relationship And How They Want To Be Treated

There are some set of ladies out there who really make me wonder how they handle their relationships and how they want to be treated.

They charge their phones, subscribe for internet bundles, call and chat with their friends but never text or call their boyfriends or hubbies. They always wait for them to call or text them no matter what even when they have calling credit on their phones.

They have a mentality that it’s the guys who have to be doing the communication all the time in a relationship for it to survive. And since they know that they are so gorgeous and stunning, they think their men have to be all over them all the time.

In case a day or two days go by without hearing from them, they will start drawing assumptions and imaginations like maybe he is not serious with me, maybe he found someone else prettier than me, maybe he is busy calling and texting someone else, maybe he is cheating on me and many others.

And no matter how they run into those false imaginations and conclusions, they will never get out of their way to do the communication. They sleep and live with those false imaginations and they go on piling them till when they explode on them. It’s so funny!

But why running into conclusions without proof? Why not also put in some effort to communicate with your man and find out what he is doing, how he is spending his day, why he is silent or what went wrong?
Ladies, it’s not only a man’s role to keep the communication alive in the relationship. It’s called a relationship simply because it composed of two people. You and him. If your man doesn’t do some things at a time like calling or texting you, then do it to show some care and love and for the good of the relationship. It’s also your obligation to make the relationship last and not to be a dormant partner throughout.

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