Who Mostly Finds It Difficult To Forgive Each Other-Ladies Or Men?

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I don’t think that there is a rule that would answer your question.

But sometimes you see that it depending on what it is that needs to be forgiven, most men and most women react in different ways.

I have given a couple of examples, based on my experience, and opinion. They could be wrong, according to yours.

  • For example, if someone’s partner has cheated on them, I think men won’t forgive that kind of thing as easily as compared to women. It would be difficult to get a second chance at the relationship after having cheated on a man, than a woman.


  • On the other hand, say a man and a woman, each told their friend a secret (to make it more interesting, the woman’s friend is a woman, while the man has a male friend). Each of those friends blurted out the secret. The man, I think would take that kind of thing far more easy than the woman.

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