Mental Challenged Man Who Helps Students Solve Their Mathematics In Adamawa

it  Was just by this young man  with Username Sulaiman Ibrahim Jalo
The unique fellow is patriotically contributing his vast gift of abundant knowledge and talents positively to the service of his community in particular and to the entire humanity in general;a super brilliant,super creative,super skilful, super intelligent and of course one of the super intellectual,talented genius of all times;though mentally challenged yet highly knowledgeable in the fields of high school’s science subjects of: Physics,Chemistry,Biology and Geography;highly efficient in Arabic calligraphy,literature and poetry;greatly proficient in English,Fulani and some conversational Arabic languages;excellent in high school’s Mathematics like: Arithmetic, Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Statistics, Probability and some of the elementary calculus;a current affairs and Civic education guru,national and international political expert with vast knowledge of Government,History, Economics and some Diplomatic Studies.


See more photos below were he is helping the students.

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