Issabella Mensah-Kumah Stuns In Xmas Photo Plus Message

“So during our Christmas Family photoshoot, Nathan started crying and demanding for breastmilk. First of all, I feed him on demand and it doesn’t matter where I am.
The photographer @chevy_smith excused himself as soon as I was about to take out my breast to feed him. I just called him back and asked him to keep taking the pictures since we didn’t have much time.

A lot of people have been suggesting that I should go to a private place like a washroom whenever they see me breastfeeding Nathan in public😏. I don’t blame their judgmental gestures or stares because they will never understand until they have their own baby who keeps crying and whatever you do doesn’t help until you breastfeed.

I’m actually not bothered and my facial expression sends a message to all those ignorant people “Mind your own business!”. Awesome mamas keep on feeding your babies whenever wherever!
Merry Merry Christmas to all Mothers and Women !!🎄 🎁🤱🏻🤱🏻🤱🏻” – Issabella Mensah-Kumah

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