How Disney Will Rule The World

>2009: Disney buys Marvel
>2012: Disney buys Lucasfilms
>2017: Disney buys 21st Century Fox
>2019: Disney buys Paramount Pictures
>2022: Disney buys Universal Studios
>2027: Disney attempts to buy Warner Bros, Warner Bros tells them to fuck off
>2028: Disney, being highly pissed off, acquires their own private military
>2029: Disney storms headquarters of Warner Bros, killing many, and taking the company by force
>2032: Disney buys nukes from black market terrorists
>2034: Disney buys Microsoft
>2036: Disney declares war against the entertainment industry
>2037: Skirmishes between private militaries occur in Hollywood and other places around the country
>2038: Disney nukes Hollywood
>2044: Disney buys the United States of America
>2045: Disney reorganizes the American government into a totalitarian dictatorship, deemed “The People’s Republic of Disney”
>2047: People’s Republic of Disney moves to annex Mexico and Canada with the military might of Mickey Mouse
>2051: PRD buys celestial bodies such as the moon and Mars
>2056: PRD colonizes Mars
>2059: PRD colonizes rest of the solar system
>2064: PRD starts construction of Dyson Sphere in the Sol System
>2075: PRD scientists discover a form of FTL space travel
>2078: First PRD voyage to Alpha Centauri system is successfully completed
>2079: PRD successfully establishes a one world government
>2080: PRD sends millions of military warships out throughout the galaxy, conquering extraterrestrial life on every planet and solar system
>2092: Dyson Sphere in Sol System is complete
>2100: PRD reaches type 3 civilization status, creating a Galactic Dictatorship under the people of Disney
>2104: Marvel and X-Men fans are still excited about new movies


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