Givers Never Lack- Do You Believe?

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This beautiful lady named Ugonma from Oboro in Delta State narrated the story that change her life, which titled “Givers never lack”.

One Faithful Morning in Ogboro  Village a young man came to me for help,so i was suprise to see young looking gay asking for help. I wanted to ask him were are you from but i decide not to.

But what i said to him, little i have,i will give to you.So i gave him $20,000, he thank me and let.

2-years Later when i was in Lagos a white man which i dont know from no were gave me a gift, when i open the wrap gift i found that it was a visa to travel to US Country.

So i will always says giver never lack the little you have share it. God reward your good deeds when you dont aspect.



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