Bolanle Ninalowo And Wife Have Divorced Their Marriage

popular Nollywood actor Bolanle Ninalowo  has made it official that he has breakup his wife.

The actor who was legally married to his now estranged wife confirmed the breaak up in an interview with Genevieve Mag. that he has called it quit with the mother of his two beautiful children, Aliyah and Morakinyo.

The actor said he met his wife in 2005 when he relocated to Nigeria but things however took the worst turn when he fell in love with his acting career in Nigeria.

Here is what he wrote to Genevieve Mag.

am separated from the mother of my kids.

I have an 11 year old girl and a nine year old boy from her and they live in Atlanta. We met here in Nigeria, when I visited 12 years ago.

I took her, with me, to the States and filed for her (married her on paper) with the hope to someday get married officially, but things took the wrong turn.

So, for now I am married to my hustle.

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