Actor’s Performance And Intellect

An actor’s performance can never be greater than the actor’s intellect.

For it is from the depths of the mind that great characters are built.

If you cannot deconstruct and build up a character even better than he or she exists on paper, then you cannot play breathtakingly, that character on stage or screen.

For an actor’s greatest tool is not the voice, the gestures, the movements and the ability to mimic, but it is the diligence of their work, the vastness of their experience, the fecundity of their knowledge and the quality of their mind.

You have to understand fully, to become totally.

And when you become totally, it is then that you convince your audience completely.

A completely convinced audience, is one that has destroyed their doubts and cynicism and freely surrenders to you even their most hidden emotions as you take them to places uncharted to inspire, motivate, provoke, enlighten and ultimately entertain them to such extent as to change the tapestry of their lives even but a little, so that they leave you positvely different than they met you.

In 2018.

Beyond red carpet celebrities, instagram stars and fameholics.

May I find.


And together.

May we create.


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