19 Advantages And Benefit Of Being Married To The Right One


1. Companionship that lasts until old age

2. You get to have a lifetime accountability partner. We all tend to think we are doing alright until we find someone who loves us enough to reveal to us our shortcomings, to confront us when we wrong and to keep us in check

3. To build a Godly family

4. Sexual satisfaction and intimacy. Sex is God’s gift enjoyed best in marriage

5. For productivity. Two are better than one

6. For lifetime worship. What a joy to have a worship partner to be with for life

7. For purpose. God designs that two people come together to execute a specific vision that will touch lives. You could have a purpose that God uses your spouse to enhance it

8. For consistency. What joy it is to open up to that one person who will be with you until the end of time. You don’t need to give parts of you to multiple friends and people

9. For holistic parenthood. Single parenthood is possible, though ideally, a child needs both parents. As a parent, it is fulfilling to have someone to do parenthood with

10. For support. The best support system comes from a spouse

11. For teamwork. Some things are best executed as a team of two who have mutual and similar interest and stake

12. For favour. A wife carries favour that is unlocked in marriage to her husband

13. For blessings. There are blessings and feelings you will only get when you are married. The sensations and certainly of having someone to call your own

14. For romance. The sweetness

15. To mirror the relationship between Christ and the Church

16. For stability. Committing to someone stabilises you and makes you better focused

17. For growth. Having someone walking with you for life moulds you. Iron sharpens iron

18. To be your best friend for the rest of your life

19. To teach you, love. When you are responsible for the heart of your spouse and you have someone to love and be loved by; you will learn forgiveness, sacrifice, communication, tolerance, affection and how to love.

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