14 Health Benefit Points About Orange Juice

14 major health benefits points about Orange juice.

1. Prevent kidney stone

If we want to reduce the risk of developing a Calcium Oxalate kidney stone, we have to drink a couple of orange juice daily.

2. Proper blood circulation

The orange contains folate which is helpful for growing new cells. Again it helps to grow new blood cells. In this way, oranges help us to make proper blood circulation.

3. Prevent cancer

We know that anti-oxidant prevent cancer. Vitamin C – works as an anti-oxidant and orange is a good source of vitamin C. Many researchers have found that orange juice is a good source of preventing various type of cancer.

4.  Prevent Inflammation

Studies have found that citrus is a good source of preventing inflammation. Orange is the group of citrus fruit. In this way, orange juice is best to prevent any type of inflammation.

5. Body needs vitamin C daily

Our diets are not fulfilled without vitamin C. To maintain our healthy skin and improve our immune system, we need vitamin C enriched orange juice daily.

6. Prevent Ulcers

The study has found that people with higher vitamin C are at less of ulcers. If we take orange juice daily which will increase our higher blood level of vitamin C.

7. Lower Cholesterol rate

Expert has found that orange has cholesterol-lowering effects. Lab test found that human liver produces less Apo B when exposed to the limo in. Apo B is a protein that is a part of the cholesterol molecule.

8. Boosts immune system

Citrus fruit Boosts our immune system because it is the good source of vitamin C which produce blood cells that crush viruses, bacteria. oranges also contain vitamin A, folate, copper which keeps our immune system strong.

9. Improves our heart condition

We get sufficient potassium from orange which is helpful for our heart condition. Potassium involved in each heartbeat, it helps heart squeeze and circulates blood through the body.

10. Beautiful skin

The Beta-carotene of oranges destroys free radicals that damage skin. To maintain healthy skin, try to eat a couple of oranges regularly.

11. Relieves our constipation

Oranges are full of fiber which stimulates digestive juice and save us from constipation.

12. Blood sugar does not spike

Oranges have lower bit of sugar which glycemic index is 40. The standard index is below 55. So oranges do not spike our blood sugar cause problems with insulin and weight gain.

13. Protect from viral infection

The study has found that sufficient amount of polyphenols in oranges protect us from a viral infection.

14. Protect us from Rheumatoid Arthritis

New research published in “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” add that drink a glass of fresh orange juice can reduce the risk of developing Rheumatoid arthritis.

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