Oritsefemi Have Become Doctor Adviser On Marriage.

Husband and wife dem,wia Una dey?
Oritsefemi don go mountain go bring one kain ogbonge advice on top marage mata o.
Akordin to Oritsefemi di Double Wahala for dead bodi singa,he say money fit cause ploblem for inside marage o but make husband and wife undastand demsef and make dem no allow Kerewa be ploblem at all.
He say man sopose dress near wife and know wen di tin dey hungri her and wife also need to always dey redi for kerewa anytime wey kongi hold her hosband.
Oritsefemi say di tin dey pain am wen he hia say lack of kerewa dey cause ploblems for some marage.
He say he beta make woman tell her husband say, ‘honey,u need to work welwell and make more money’ instead make bedroom work cause quarrel.

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