Nigeria Best Method Cooking Fried Rice

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Materials use the following materials but with variation.

a) Green beans-Cut into small piece, after washing.

b) Green Pepper- Cut into small pieces.

c) Onions- Slice onions for flavour.

d) Carrots-Scrape skin with knife and cut to pieces.Image result for photos of fried rice

e)Meat liver-cook liver for 15-20 minutes.

f) Margarine-Add to groundnut oil.

g)Garlic-Remove first layer, Slice.

h) Nutmeg-Grate some seed to flavour

i) Salt cooking cubes and white pepper

j)Thyme and curry-to add flavour

K)Rice- Per boil 5-10 minutes to remove starch.


put-pot on fire add groundnut oils with Margarine heart for 5-10 minutes,then fry the onions and curry, add other ingredient except maggi, meat and salt,stir very well for 5-10 minutes and drop.

place per boil rice on fire then pour in the fried ingredients add meat and mix well add maggi and salt.cover pot while cooking.

#i hope this was helpful comment if it is.Image result for photos of fried rice

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