Ebuka’s Unique Agbada Design Is Being Copied Already

Ebuka’s Unique Agbada is in trouble.

Its not about wearing a costly agbada is about the body also.

Ebuka has a nice body structure,that’s why the agbada fits him so well.If you think you can be like broom and wear that agbada hoping to look like Ebuka..You go jus be like lizard way never see food chop since last week..

Ebuka’s own was made by a very good Fashion Designer, the single guy’s own was made by a very good Tailor, but the quartet’s own was made by a very good Ejika ni shop, Chaiiiii.

There is a big difference between original and photocopy… Who re all these ones na, UNCLE Ebuka what have you caused na… Choir robe abi na matric gown 😂😂😂

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