Absolutely Crazy!!! Thieves Rob Bank Through A 25 Feet Tunnel!!!

Unbelievable,yet very real. Thieves in the Indian city of Mumbai in a clever operation that mark them out as evil geniuses ,for over four months dug a tunnel into a government-owned bank without raising anybody’s suspicions. They rented a shop beside the Bank of Baroda,selling general goods to provide cover for their nefarious activities.

Bank officials who came to work on Monday morning were met with the shocking sight and promptly they alerted the police. As of this moment,the thieves have not been caught,while the bank is yet to disclose their losses.

Hoping Nigerian thieves will not try this oh……….. Check out the bad tunnel used in the theft and the store front they rented as cover,while they dug the tunnel.

A view inside the 25ft tunnel that the thieves dug

The shop front of the grocery store run by the thieves

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