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    Why You Should Have A Build Season

    As we start a new month, I think I should share with you an ancient secret that has transcended civilizations. If you woke up this morning with clouds of frustration, exhaustion, gassed out because your repeatable actions aren’t yielding — then, this might be for you.

    There’s no one who has significantly changed the trajectory of their lives that didn’t have a “build season” A build season is one where you shut everyone out, shut societal systems, run into a zone where the status quo stresses you and focus solely on yourself.

    For some people, their build season is 6 months; for others it is 1 year, for me it was 18 months. Your family looks for you, but they can’t find you — in a build season, there’s only one focus YOU. After all, you’re of use to your family if you’re useful.

    My last build season was months before I left +234. I shut off social media, told my family I’d be unreachable till I’m reachable, I quit a FT role and only worked on contracts. I was exhausted. — I activated my build season and evaluated daily actions.

    Actions become habits — Habits become a character — Characters morph into a personality — Your personality determines what you get out of life. To get life right, you have to get daily repeatable actions. Take an inventory and intentionally tweak it.

    During that build season — I started every day with 90 minutes at the gym. I wasn’t working out with music in my ears, it was podcasts. As I was working my body, I was working my mind. Then, I’d come home to check if any pending contract needed my attention.

    After that, I’d turn the internet upside down applying everywhere for scholarships. Every build season needs a goal — a workable plan. My goal was simple — I hated my body, hated the kind of shallow conversations I was having and I wanted to leave +234 DESPERATELY.

    I came out of that build season with a better body, a sounder mind, 7 scholarship offers and a visa. These things work. The beauty of existence is on birth, God handed the remainder of the clay He used in moulding you into your hands. You can mend your life — you should.

    photo of people on building under construction
    Photo by Igor Starkov on Pexels.com

    There’s only one way to enter a build season — Alone. As a christian, you’ll remember Jesus’ instruction to the disciples on ascension — He orders them into a city. To do what? To wait. “Wait until you’re endued with power” — He said. That was their build season.

    In a build season, new repeatable actions are learnt — these actions transform into habits. What you do in your build season >>>> how long your build season lasts for.

    In a man’s life, he can have as many build seasons as possible. Once you sense a loss of purpose, an exhaustion, activate a build season. I want to see men who are physically fit, mentally sound, useful to their families and enjoying life. I want you to win.


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