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    Why You Should Be Using WhatsApp Business To Run Your Business


    Dear business owner, are you aware that there is Whatsapp and there is Whatsapp Business?

    See the two logos. The one with B is Whatsapp Business while the other one is the normal one that you knew from years ago.

    If you run a business with your Whatsapp Line, you should be using Whatsapp Business.

    It has amazing features that you will enjoy.

    1. You can create an amazing business profile.

    2. You can create a catalog of your products and services, allowing people to place orders, even without talking to you

    3. You can run Facebook Ads from Whatsapp business

    4. You can create Quick replies to common questions like people asking for your bank details

    5.You can generate a short link and invite someone to chat with you using that link

    6. You can categorize your customers by placing labels on them

    You can do soooo much on Whatsapp Business.

    Go now and check your Whatsapp, which one are you using?

    Normal one that has a phone sign or the one for business that has a B sign?

    If you are currently using normal Whatsapp for your personal life and Business life, you can simply backup, then download Whatsapp Business and move there. You won’t lose anything.

    These simple things are essential in growing your small business.

    Oya join Whatsapp Business with alacrity.

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