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    Why Peter Obi Needs Our Staunch Support For A Better Nigeria

    I have read so many mockery posts targeted at Peter Obi Faithfuls.

    Not because they think Peter Obi is unfit for the job, but only because they think he is not currently positioned to win the upcoming elections.

    And I cannot help but wonder why?

    Why the trolling?
    Why the mockery?

    Elections are not a horse race gamble..

    It’s not a situation where you have to cast your vote for / bet your money on the most likely winning horse.

    That is not the concept of elections.

    At elections, you ought to vote your conscience.

    You cast your votes in favour of the candidate that you believe best embodies and will represent your interest.

    It matters not whether you think he would win or not.

    If that is where your interest lies, then that is where you cast your votes.

    It’s people mocking others who stand behind Obi because they perceive him as a man who, based on his tribe, principles, and mode of politics, cannot win elections in Nigeria, for me.

    Okay. Maybe you are right. Maybe he is unlikely to win, but he still deserves to be voted by those who believe in his brand of politics without your mockery.

    It matters not whether their candidate (i.e, the mockers’ candidate) is likely to win. Politics is a game of numbers. And in any election where the numbers count, if your candidate wins, his number of votes should reflect those who align with his politics, and not those who voted for him because they felt he was the most likely to win.

    It should also reflect to such candidate(s) that though they won the elections, they are not all that afterall, considering a huge number of Nigerians voted a totally different interest, and that is loud.

    Even if Peter Obi doesn’t win this election, the number of votes he receives should be an indication to him that there are so many Nigerians who believe in his agenda and respect his politics. His numbers should be encouraging.

    Buhari vied for presidency at 3 different elections within a period of 12 years.

    The North kept voting for him massively.

    It didn’t matter to them that he didn’t have the votes of the other regions of this country and based on the voting laws and conditions of our electoral commission, it was completely IMPOSSIBLE for him to win.

    That didn’t matter to the North; they kept casting their votes in his favour en masse to prove a point to him and to themselves that they will not give their votes to anyone they consider undeserving regardless of if he is likely to win or not.

    And every new election year, this overwhelming support from the North gave your current president the impetus to keep contesting for presidency until the 4th time around when he won because the West joined forces with him.

    Why do you think he was perceived as a worthy candidate by the West to throw their weight behind?

    It was because all 3 times he contested, a huge number of Northerners stood behind him and cast their votes in his favour.

    The North gave him credibility; they made him valuable, and so the West knew that if they merged forces with him, he possessed the ability to deliver huge numbers from the North.

    There is no such thing as a wasted vote because your desired candidate is unlikely to win.

    Vote your candidate at heart with your full chest. If he doesn’t win the upcoming elections, he would be encouraged to contest again and again, and just maybe we will one day have the kind of president some of us believe that we deserve.

    Northerners are largely illiterate, and yet they know this, so why are some of you who claim to have so much sense, mocking and trolling others like you have no sense?

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