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    Why Do People Like Nkwobi So Much? Try This Nkwobi Recipe From Sisi Yemmie

    This is a tale of shallow wooden bowls, messy hands, and cow legs.

    So much Ado about Nkwobi, what is it about this traditional Igbo delicacy that makes it so special?

    We decided to share with you a recipe by Sisi Yemmie you can follow to make your own Nkwobi and chill at home.

    Come to think of it, what about Nkwobi makes people leave their houses, gather in dimly lit open spaces, have a bottle of their favorite alcoholic beverages in hand, just to have a taste?

    Is it the Ugba which is known as the African oil bean seed that makes it special?

    Yes, that’s what it’s called in English but the Igbo name has a nice ring to it.

    Ugba has a lot of health benefits and its production is a million-dollar industry that can fetch you some money if you decide to go into it.

    We’ll tell you more about that some other time but today, let’s talk about Nkwobi.

    When you’re having Nkwobi for the first time, there is a big possibility that you’ll be disappointed not by the delicacy itself but by the illusion of the size of the wooden bowl.
    You’d expect a hollow bowl filled with juicy cow legs but don’t be surprised when your heart is broken unexpectedly.

    So much so, that we are thinking of signing a petition that Nkwobi bowls should be deeper!

    A good Nkwobi delicacy is not complete without the Utazi leaf even though it tastes bitter sometimes.

    Making it without the Utazi leaf is like trying to make popcorn without butter. So make sure you add it to your recipe list.


    You’re probably asking, why is the Utazi leaf that important? Here’s why.

    Research shows that the leaves help reduce your blood sugar level and they can help treat Diabetes.

    Also, if you have a cough, you can chew on the fresh leaves as they are known to help relieve a cough and help reduce the symptoms of a sore throat.

    Not so bad, is it?

    Check out the recipe and give it a try and let us know what you think about Nkwobi.

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